Ministry Descriptors

In God’s church, there are opportunities for everyone to serve. In fact, this is exactly God’s plan. Everyone receives certain gifts for service and collectively, we are able to accomplish together the work God calls us to do.

Prayerfully take a few minutes to browse the various ministry descriptions listed below.


Eldership — a ministry of visitation, worship leadership, spiritual mentoring and church administration.

Planning Committee
Leading Boards & Committees

Deacons and Deaconesses — a ministry of helping with the physical needs of the congregation, the church equipment and building.


Church Clerk — the keeper of the official records of the congregation, including membership list, minutes of business meetings and the church board, and the statistical reports for the denomination. If your church employs a secretary, he or she will often hold this elected office.


Treasurer — the official finance officer for the congregation and all its projects and auxiliary organisations. It is essential that there be at least one assistant, even in the smallest congregation, to insure continuity in an emergency.


Music Ministry — organist, pianists, choir directors and song leader.

Music Ministry

Pathfinder Club — a ministry to children aged 10 to 15 and older, involving them in camping, nature study, physical fitness, community service, Christian witness and character development. Selects his or her own staff with the approval of the church board.

Pathfinder Club Director & Assistants

Adventurer Club — a ministry to children aged 4 to 9, involving them in club meetings, special activities, family nights, and lots more.

Adventurer Club Director & Assistants

Communications — a ministry of public relations, advertising representing the church to the news media. May also include the church newsletter.

Communications Director & Team
Website Coordinator & Team

Health Ministries — a ministry of planning and developing programmes to educate members and the community about chemical dependency, diet, physical fitness and disease prevention.

Health Ministries Leader & Assistants

Family Ministries — a ministry of needs assessment, programme development and education.

Family Ministries Coordinator

Women’s Ministries — a ministry of planning and developing programmes to meet the needs of women in local congregations. This may take place through a planning committee, assessments, programme development, and advocating women’s needs, concerns and contributions.

Women's Ministies Leader

Men’s Ministries — a ministry of planning and developing programmes to meet the needs of men in local congregations.

Men's Ministries Director

Children’s Sabbath School Leaders are needed for beginner, kindergarten, primary, junior and earliteen Sabbath Schools. Teachers and Assistants are needed in each division. Sabbath School teachers are also needed for small group Bible lesson study.

Children's Sabbath School Leader
Children's Sabbath School Assistant
Children's Sabbath School Teacher

Adult Sabbath School Coordinator (or Superintendent) — a ministry of developing leaders, planning programmes and recruiting volunteers for the Sabbath School. Adult Sabbath School Secretary — A ministry of ordering and distributing materials for church programmes, and providing clerical help for programme leaders.

Adult Sabbath School Coordinator
Adult Sabbath School Secretary
Adult Sabbath School Teacher
Organisational ideas

Prayer Ministry
Whether gathering as a large group at the church during the week, or meeting in small groups in people’s homes, prayer and worship are a vital part to our bonding as a family and our growth in understanding God’s Word.

Prayer Ministry
Prayer Ministry Coordinator

Stewardship is a ministry of education, helping to prepare the church budget each year, and communicating the financial needs of both the local and world church.


Outreach Coordinator (or Personal Ministries Leader) —  It is a ministry of programme development, recruiting and training volunteers to work for soul-winning and service in the community.

Outreach Coordinator

Young Adult Ministries Coordinator is the overseer for all activities and programmes for young adults in the congregation.

Church Board Member — The church board provides a platform for pastoral staff and church members to come together and make decisions to further the mission of the Adventist church.

Church Board Member

Ministry Descriptors to be published soon

- Bible Studies
- Religious Liberty Leader
- Small Group Leader
- Special Needs Coordinator

- Social Committee
- Visitation Team
- Youth Ministries Coordinator
- Youth Sabbath School Leader



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